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So I’m on that point where I’m about to smash my current tablet to bits so I need to save money to get a new one before I do that, and I also need some money for university stuff soon. Thus, I’m opening commissions once again!

I’ll be taking 3 slots just like last time. I don’t like having people waiting too much, especially if they have to pay beforehand, so I’m keeping commissions at a manageable amount.But as soon as I finish the first set I’m opening more slots right away though.

I added the sketches commissions this time, and for now I took away the expensive one, and will add them back once I change the tablet.

And a note for the sketch commissions: The $30 price is standard, whether is a portrait or full body, colored or not, with shading or without it, they all cost the same, so is up to you what you think would be best for the drawing, or I can make that decision for you. I can even send the lines, flats and shading separately in this case if needed. The price will change if you want to add characters though, or you want to include some edits (for reference, there’s a topless version of the 3rd sketch sample for example), that goes with all the other types of commissions though, but just in case I bring that up.

You can contact me via Deviantart or by email at I’m not taking commission via tumblr, but you can always send a note over here if you have something you want clarified or whatever =3


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